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Artwork Design & Management made easy.

Find out how Prometheus can help you improve efficiency in artwork & workflow management.
Discover Daedalus, your solution for automated artwork creation.

Synergy at Work – Don’t understimate the small fish

What is synergy? What does it imply for the large corporations? Explore our own implementation of synergy with us, be part of the join venture.


Community – Share your knowledge

A true community consist of the individuals that come together for the common interest and not just the website where they get together.

OCTOBER, 15TH 2010

Grow Smarter – Share Resources

Sharing resources among fellow small enterprises of freelances can represent the key to efficient and smarter bussinnes growth.

JULY, 5TH 2011

Building an Organic System

When building an organic system, the core of the systems becomes the stem of the tree, and step by step as the system is deployed and more resources become available, more layers are built that grow around the core.

APRIL, 10TH 2012

News & Announcements

10th year anniversary

Next year is our 10th year anniversary in the biz of creating artworks for the pharmaceutical industry and we are going to celebrate!.

Lots of new features

Prometheus is coming full or new features. Version 2.1 is entirely focused on efficient quality check.

Speed Daemons

We are beating our own records in timely delivery of artworks:
95% in less than 48h
90% in less than 3h.

Daedalus is alive!

Don't miss our latest creation. After a lot of work we are finally launching an Automated Artwork Creation platform. Stop struggling with inconsistent designers, step on to the intelligent design.





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